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Grainger's Wine Of The Month

'Le Page'
Saumur Champigny AOC

'Le Page' Saumur Champigny AOC

£12.49  per bottle

'Le Page' Saumur Champigny AOC


£12.49  per bottle

Sale Price: £7.49




A rounded light still red wine




100% Cabernet Franc


Domaine de Rocheville







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Only £89.88

Latest News From Grainger Fine Wines

The Diary

We have been welcoming our guests for self catering holidays, half and one day non-residential wine tours and fully escorted residential wine tours in the beautiful Loire valley, France since 2008. We start our new 2016 season next May and finish at the end of September so plenty of time to fit in your holiday away from the grind. Unwind and relax in the playground of the kings of France. Wonderful. Log onto our website give us a call on 03302230066. Its a UK number and charged at the local rate. Have fun and at the same time find out about the wines of the Loire valley. Our tours are fully escorted and we visit vineyards and estates to meet the winemaker and taste his wines. Find out how our guests enjoy the experience by hovering over the home icon and clicking on wine tour reviews. We are also on trip advisor.

If you are a couple looking for a self catering break in France this summer have you thought about visiting the Loire Valley with its historical and cultural heritage, unspoilt coutryside with its many magnificant chateaux. The summers are temperate with sunny days and temperatures in the mid twenties. Its the garden of France with its beautiful gardens such as Chateau Villandry, the rose gardens of Doue la Fontaine where there is an annual festival in the caves. The sights are many and varied from majestic Chateaux like Brissac to the massive complex of Abbaye de Fontenvraud where Richard the Lionheart is buried. And of course the vineyards of the Loire offer so many styles and varieties of wine. So much to see and do and all based around the lovely Manoir de Gourin from where you are able to plan your sightseeing, laze around the heated swimming pool, go for a leisurely bike ride along quiet byways, and enjoy dinner on the terrace or in our wineroom overlooking the pool. Visit our website  or call us on the number above to discuss your holiday plans.

Our wine tours news

 Please don’t miss the opportunity to experience the joy of wine touring in the Loire valley this summer. Karin and I are busy with preparations for the new season. We have now finished our new wine room at Manoir de Gourin and it is very impressive indeed. You may have seen on our website some of the guests enjoying the atmosphere last year. It has a lovely setting overlooking the heated swimming pool  and you can either get engrossed in my tour presentations inside or just laze around and pick up a book and read all about wine. Its a great way of finding out all about Loire wines. Why not log onto our website and have a look at what we offer

Wine Club

Our Strictly Wine Club is a great way of buying your wines at very low prices. Have a look at our club site at The idea is simply. All you do is get a group of neighbours, friends and family together and buy your wines in bulk. We then have them delivered direct from the producers so you have the benefit of reduced prices. Easy.

Our website give you some comparitive prices to see how much you can save. Up to 50%. Wow. It really is worth it.


Each week we give you a cocktail recipe to try and its for two people as you should not be drinking cocktails on your own!

Here is our fifth cocktail from our friends from Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey. As you might expect they have some great ideas on how to enjoy the taste of their aged whiskeys. Joann Spiegel from the award winning Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in New York City has got some awesome cocktail recipes so here goes with the first one  here on gfwineblog. Superdooper.

No 96 in our list of cocktail recipes: COSMOPOLITAN

So for two lovelies

2 measures vodka

1 measure Combier triple sec

1 measure fresh lime juice

1 measure lime juice


2 strips of orange peel

Shake all the liquid ingredients over ice until well frosted. Strain into two chilled cocktail glasses. Dress with a strip of orange peel on each glass.


Wines In The Press

Health giving properties of bubbly

Health giving properties of bubbly

Cheers! Finally a healthy reason to drink sparkling wine. New research suggests moderate consumption...

The 'natural & biodynamic wine' revolution

The 'natural & biodynamic wine' revolution

Fiona Beckett, the wine writer for The Guardian, recently  wrote "A significant revolution is t...

Sales of Cremant are growing here and in France

Sales of Cremant are growing here and in France

Henry Samuel wrote for the Telegraph last year "The French are abandoning champagne and turning inst...

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The Biodynamic Calendar

Does the day on which you choose to drink a bottle of wine affect it's flavour? For some years now our major wine suppliers have thought so. Some supermarkets now only hold tastings for wine critics on days when, according to the biodynamic calendar, the wines will be at their best. It's all down to the moon which not only controls the planet's tides but influences all living organisms. The wine in your bottle is living, it matures over time and so it make sense that it too responds to the rhythyms of the moon.
If you want to maximise your enjoyment of drinking a particular wine then drink it on one of the 'fruit' or 'flower' days. It doesn't mean you can't drink wine on any other days of course, but you may prefer to drink your 'best wines' or hold an important event on a day when your wine will be at its optimum best.
What does this week hold for us wine drinkers when it comes to finding the right day to drink a good wine.

Which wine and food coupled with the right day is critical.Trust me.

Here's our week for drinking wine based on the biodynamic calendar. Go on you should try it. Wine can taste better on the right days and here is our guide to follow. We've given you some ideas on the wine to drink on the good days ie fruit and flower. Enjoy.

The weather is so warm here in the Loire valley, France. For a temperature of 22C in November is very good indeed. The skies are all blue and clear. We have been out and about today and it has been such a pleasure. For the coming week I'm afraid its not looking too good to find time when your bottle of wine will be at its best. Up until Tuesday it is all root. Wednesday is the only day when it will be ideal to open that good bottle of wine. Why not try a bottle from our stock at Caladroy makes a superb Cotes du Roussillon 'La Julianne' made from a mix of syrah, Granache noir and carignan and in oak to give a complex deep fruity structure. Have it with game or roast lamb. The remainder of the week is all leaf so make sure you don't miss your fix on Wednesday.





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